Cedar Roof and Siding Cleaning and Staining

One of the most incredible transformations for a home is the cleaning and restoration of cedar shake siding and roofing. The before and after is dramatic and satisfying. Microorganisms, moss, and related buildup will degrade the organic structure of the cedar. A clean roof and siding is more than just an aesthetic benefit. Once we have your cedar shake siding and roof looking fresh and rejuvenated we offer staining and sealing to preserve the look and longevity of your cedar.
Cedar Roof and Siding Cleaning and Staining

Nothing beats the look of fresh cedar shake siding and roofing.

Unfortunately, the rain and elements in the Seattle area will turn the warmth and rich color of cedar shake gray, blotchy, and unappealing. Fortunately we’re experts in cedar and outdoor wood restoration. We’ve been restoring and staining hundreds of cedar fences, decks, siding and roofing, and sourcing and implementing the best methods and materials: we absolutely love this work and our client’s do too. The process of transforming your cedar roof or siding is safe, gentle, and honestly remarkable. In the course of a single day we’ll make your house look new again.

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For more information on fence and deck restoration and staining/sealing check out our other company: Gibson Fence and Deck.  We also build fences and decks and we’ve been in business over a decade!

Seattle Fence and Deck Building and restoration/staining/sealing.  Gibson Fence and Deck: https://www.gibsonfenceanddeck.com/

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