Roof Cleaning

Moss and debris holds moisture on your roof surface. Over time this damages the asphalt shingles and causes premature roof failure. A clean and tidy roof doesn’t just look better, it protects your house better.
roof cleaning before and after

Get Your Roof In Pristine Condition

Roof cleaning starts with the gentle removal of only the largest of moss deposits and a complete blowing off of all debris, leaves, needles etc. Once that’s complete, we apply a proprietary blend of soft wash solution and let that dwell on the roof surface until all micro-organisms, moss, mold and mildew are eliminated. Any organic growth will turn white and be removed in time by the wind and rain. This solution is completely safe for your roof and won’t damage the shingles like other roof cleaning methods.

Once a normal roof cleaning schedule is maintained (usually once per year) the roof will always stay clean and free of unwanted and damaging growth. Once the roof cleaning process is complete, we’ll clean any debris and leave your yard in pristine condition. Stepping back and seeing the transformation to a clean and pristine roof is a super rewarding part of our job.

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moss on roof

Moss Damages Roofs

Moss will hold moisture on a roof’s surface causing premature failure. As it’s allowed to grow and integrate with the shingles it will attach, loosen and remove small pieces of asphalt as seen in the picture below. Moss growth is more than just an unsightly roof feature: it degrades the waterproofing and longevity of your roof.

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